April 27, 2022

Vitthal Jagtap: A farmer Boy to Digital Strategist

(VJ Vision: 2025)

Vitthal Jagtap is technocrat fellow, who has built his firm Avis Pixel by considering sectors viz. Education, Agriculture, and Healthcare as major products and services in Digital Marketing; so that problems of defined sectors have been resolved by generating rights leads for them. His firm has supported many start-ups, B2B and B2C since March 2022. He founded his Digital Marketing firm Avis Pixel in May 2022. He was Co-Founder for the same and nowadays he is the CEO of Avis Pixel.

VJ at his Banana Plot in Nov 2021


Vitthal Jagtap Comes from Farming family; that was the main reason he understood problems of the farmers, He worked in higher education sector for more than a decade; in the job of education sectors he handled various profiles like Corporate Communication Head, TPO and Marketing Head, Cluster Marketing Manager Etc. Due multiple profiles handled in the education sector, It was easy for him to understand the problems of stakeholders of the education sector and due to Covid-19 and from his brother Dr. Pandurang Jagtap (MD Medicine), Vitthal Jagtap realize that healthcare industry requirements ; He came to know that healthcare is also one of the need based industry in the world, which could have great demand in the future; so he has selected these three major tracks to set up his business via digital solutions for the defined customers in the initial phase of starting the digital marketing and design agency.


He joined LearnToday.com (Bangalore based Company) in April 2022 as an intern to Reskill his Advanced Digital Marketing knowledge. And then by learning complete required domain knowledge, Handling virtual clients etc., He has initiated the Avis Firm.

Avis Pixel Services:

His firm Avis Pixel provided services viz. Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Web Design, Brand Strategy, Creatives and Tech Builds, Media Planning, Paid Campaign viz. Facebook Ads, Google Ads etc., Marketing Automation, SEO Optimization for small businesses, enterprises and multiple-location companies.

Health and Wealth Development:

Health in very important factor in personal growth. Vitthal always takes care of his health and supports various communities based on healthcare to improve the awareness of health of family, friends and society. He has participated in various transformation challenge competitions and he won the FITTR state level competition.

Doing working at gym is his always priority to be fit mentally as well as as health. Even he loves to do workout at home ; even in a year at least for a quarter, he does swimming continuously.

His firm Avis Pixel, and Blog: JagtapDigitalcom are supporting to the start-ups for launching their services/Products not only in the national market but also in the international market as well.

He has a technical team of 100+ people with 35 Supporting staff in various locations such as Akluj, Kolhapur, Pune, Mumbai, Noida and Bangalore.


He loves driving,Playing cricket, writing blogs on Education, Agriculture and Healthcare, Fitness and the Manufacturing industry.

He gives mentorships to students about career development, Directors of professional programs in Education about strategies to improve the happiness index of the stakeholders, Doctors to generate the right leads and farmers about Marketing of organic and inorganic farming with marketing of agriculture.

He guided 1000+ educators. Many of the educators joined his Digital marketing program called “Digital Marketing for Educators”. Educators learned so many digital marketing strategies and implemented them in their respective institutions.


He have two beautiful daughters, Aarya and Rudra; He always takes care of his family.


Recently he received an award for solving problems of farmers for doing the “Marketing of Agriculture via digital solutions” by the hands of our Maharashtra Chief Minister as well as he received similar award by MHRD India for doing wonderful Digital Marketing work in Education and Agriculture industry .

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