May 4, 2022

“The Truth About Lead Generation In The Education Sector”

Does your institute have enough admissions? Are you getting the right kind of diversified students? Have you taken steps to improve the brand of your institution?

Yes…… No !!!

Then invest some time to read this article fully to get answers to your questions.

If you tried to do marketing of institutions via traditional methods; then the brand may develop but there is no assurance of the happening of leads via traditional methods of marketing. Even if lead generates; then still the question comes viz. does generated lead will converts into the final admissions or not?

Because Marketing is not rocket science but if we use marketing in the right way via digital presence for connecting defined stakeholders with the right geographical area; it gives results in final outcomes.

Nowadays; So many institutions are facing problems in getting admissions; especially tier 2 and tier 3 cities are facing problems; even there are some good institutions available in tier 3 cities; they are also facing the same issue of enrolling the right kind of students.

This problem is mainly in professional higher education as well as +2 JR. Colleges and schools.

This article is mainly for the people who are Education Director, Marketing Head, Principal, Admission coordinator, etc.

If we use digital marketing effectively in the education sector then defined problems may be resolved.

The fundamentals of Marketing:

Marketing is all about sharing the right messages to stakeholders at the right time to improve the leads. It’s not about only selling the products or services; it’s all about happily communicating with the customer and retaining the customer.

Copywriting, sales, and advertising are the major components of marketing; whenever we are trying to do marketing of any product we need to consider these components.

You should have a great product/service, marketing will help these great products as well as create a brand in customers’ minds. Never try to become number one; Always try how your products or services are unique via marketing.

Physical assets were the main success factor for any institution, coaching class, or the institutions which provide professional online or offline courses to get more admissions. Nowadays success definition has been changed and it’s Good Teachers with value-added digital assets such as the Website, the Online presence of institutions via various media, YouTube channels, Digital skills, etc.

For example, BYJU’s, Khans Academy, and UnAcademy are growing because they have the right kind of digital assets. If they could have used traditional methods of marketing, then it may be difficult for them to sustain in this digital era.

Basically, Digital marketing is an integration of fundamentals of marketing via digital presence; So that target can be achieved through various digital marketing techniques.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional marketing:

We were doing marketing through Newspaper, Hoardings, telephone; We may do branding through this media but it’s really difficult to generate quality leads via these media, and that is the main reason we have been shifted to digital marketing through various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram YouTube, etc.

Image1. Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Nowadays we may see the major stakeholders of the institution are always available on social media through mobile, tablet, or laptop.

Image2. Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Even students or parents when they are traveling they won’t see the hoardings or detailed ads which come in the newspaper but if they are traveling or maybe at home they will always check social media; they see the various ads of intuition through organic or inorganic digital marketing.

Drawbacks of Traditional Marketing:

  1. No interaction or very less interaction with your defined audience
  2. No direct action/Click are available easily to know more about products
  3. Little Bit difficult to measure ROI
  4. Poor conversion
  5. Difficult to receives the feedback

So good options for educators to move on to digital marketing. The main reason is more students spend a minimum 4 to 6 hrs per day on digital tools. They don’t want to read flyers, see the hoarding, etc.

So nowadays it’s better to promote any course/ institution via digital marketing than traditional marketing. Even Students or parents take the decision by online review about course and institution. They check the various facilities available under course, inside the institutes via website institute or a youtube channel or social media pages of the institutes

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  • In digital marketing it is possible to target stakeholders by defined focus such as Age, location, occupation etc so such facilities are not available in traditional marketing. Example: if we give an ad in Dainik Bhaskar ; then investment is high to give an ad in a leading newspaper, we can’t control the parameters which are available in digital marketing to the paper advertisement.
  • To reach a global audience is available through digital marketing.
  • It’s 100 % possible to measure digital paid ads.
  • Digital marketing is very much cost effective.
  • Promoting of new business is easy through digital marketing.
  • Via digital marketing, we can create the brand in the minds of consumers.

There are some challenges for educators about digital marketing :

  • Don’t know about digital marketing
  • Running ads but not getting right kind of leads
  • Don’t know ; how to target expected audience
  • Development of digital content
  • Building communities via digital medium

CATT Marketing Funnel:

This is one of the best models to get solutions for various challenges/ problems which are faced by educators to improve the branding of their institutions.

Wealth= n^CATT

n(Niche): It’s the main factor for success and improving the wealth of your business.

Content: Development of the right kind of content; which attracts the people. Content such as blog, post, Videos, webinar, creatives, QA on Quora, information on various pages of social media and website especially landing page.

Attention: via SEO, SEM, Paid to add, referrals, etc, we can divert the attention of stakeholders towards our service.

Trust: Create trust in customers’ minds via marketing automation such as CRM, Re-targeting, etc.

Transaction: Finally stakeholders should take action for the transaction via a defined sales method that is appropriate for defied sales of products or services.

For example, Stakeholders should come on our landing page via paid Ad, SEO, SEM and make sure they should share their details on the form and they should click submit button; once they submit the data our direct response team will take the strongly follow up for the same and stakeholders should be ready for to do payment transaction or via after the landing page itself if stakeholders feel that our services or product is okay as per their expectation then they initiate the payment process their itself.

Integrated Digital Marketing:

To improve the leads lot of educators do content marketing, SEO Marketing, Social Media, etc and then stakeholders should feel to buy courses or take the admission in courses.

If still, people don’t buy then Educators start to run paid campaigning via google ads or social media, to generate the quality leads by right kind of content, infographics about services and products etc.

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Image3. Integrated Digital Marketing

By using various funnels, rank your pages by the search engine so that search engines will find landing page or webpage; where we would like to invite more targeted stakeholders for converting the leads.

We will have people in different funnels at various stages so it depends upon how we utilize it for generating the leads.

The important part is people should trust you so follow CATT funnel, it’s really easy to do the final conversion.

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