July 22, 2022

Sales: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Good Salesmen are forged in the furnace of rejection.

Observe how you buy, What environment is right for you to make the purchase decision?

Let others sell to you, and do not resist it. Become l lead for cars, Home, etc. and listen.

We need to be good in sales, because we are not selling products or services, we are selling ideas to teammates or investors. If you do not master sales; Your business will always struggle. Learn how to  influence the people and get them to say yes.

A study of the world’s richest 100 people reveals the common first job of billionaires is sales.

They always convinced their investors, employees and customers.

In Sales, Digital Marketing is like a loudspeaker. Digital marketing amplifies your communication. 

Image1: A sales man on Sales Call

Natural Sales Blueprint:

You can sell effortlessly with any pressure, That’s why it’s called a natural sales blueprint. This method is based on science and human psychology. It will work across any culture and languages. It works best when you have natural quality leads. Deep marketing application will help you to get nurtured leads which you want. 

Aim for 10 % conversion rate on 1to1 sales cal. 5 % sales on webinar. 2 to 3% on sales pages and email sales letters.  

Invite leads to sales calls/ Webinars from deep Marketing sequences.

When you have a lead;  the lead is in the current state  where the current state and desired state are not separated. There is no need to buy your product because The desire is not intensified. 

  • The ad and email sequence with testimonials and more information about the product is a stimulus which makes them open to your sales message.
  • You are not selling a product or service you are selling the result of the product or service will do for them. Always focus on their results. And make it clear for them too. 
  • Don’t attach the results. Focus on diagnosis of the problem first. 
  • Understand their current situation like a doctor would understand their patient. In the medical industry, prescribing the medicine without diagnosis is a crime.
  • Do not insult or make them feel low. At the same time do not make them feel like you and lower than them. Keep the authority with you. 

Reinforcing Current State: 

As a sales person you have increased the tension between the current state and desired state. If there is no tension then a sale will not happen.

Accurately diagnose the current situation. 

Any product or service that is designed to help people make more revenue or profit can have a question about income. There is nothing wrong asking that

If you are selling weight loss related products then your first question will be like what is your current weight right now? 

Ask them what the problems they are facing right now due to the current state.

For a business niche, they will be like: “What are the challenges and pain points you are facing because your revenue is stuck at X /months”.

Motivate them to do what is necessary to get out of the current state. Reminding them of the current state and challenges intensifies their pain. You have the solution. 

Reinforcing Desired State: 

  • Ask them where they want to go
  • Get specific answers from them.
  • Once they say; where they want to go, ask them how their life would change when they get to their desired state.
  • Business niche Example: “ If you are making $ 100, 000 a month in revenue from your business, How would your life change right now?”
  • Weight loss niche example: “If you are in perfect shape right now with optimal weight, How would your life be right now ?” 
  • What is stopping you from getting your desired state by yourself ? Why do you need help?

In Sales: Points to remember:

  • Keep your ego out of the way. If your prospect feels like you have ego, the conversion will not happen.
  • You have to have a genuine desire to help your prospect. If you do not love helping people then this business is not for you. 
  • Sit in a quiet room and have a complete conversation. 
  • Never take calls from a car or in a noisy area.
  • Respect your time and ther time. Show up the time.
  • Wear  headphones so that you can take notes and also use the hand gesture to keep the conversation flowing.  
  • Resist the need to keep talking. Ask questions and until they answer they stay silent.
  • Do it only on cold calls via phone ; do it video by zoon for sales calls
  • Be the alpha during a call. Control the agendaBut let them speak. Don’t Interrupt. .

Presenting the solution:

  • Now the current state and desired state is separated clearly, The next step is to present your solution to them.
  • Ask permission to share your solution
  • Polarize them with “No”.
  • Example: Do you want to remain in your current situation and miss the opportunity to grow/ Do you want to continue facing your challenges?
  • Be confident in your solution, Show proof of your past customers getting solutions.
  • Give an incentive to close the deal. 
  • Do not take may be  for an answer. If they don’t want to buy, Get a no from them. If they are hesitating then they might turn into your customers. 

Overcoming Self- Doubt:

  • The biggest challenge for sales people is managing their emotional swing.
  • A winning sales man will have a winning streak where he/She will convert 5 sales calls. 
  • Then there will be a slump where there will not be any conversation for 10-15 calls also.
  • When the conversion comes, it is high.
  • When the conversion drops, there is a feeling of worthlessness and failure. 
  • Managing these emotions can be challenging and many people do not sell because managing self -doubt is difficult. 
  • The only way out of this problem is analytical.
  • Track all the sales calls and make sure that you listen to recordings and take notes on what went well and what didn’t. Don’t change many variables at the same time.
  • Look at the Conversion ratio from 100 sales calls. Aim for 10% conversion.

Getting started with sales:

  • Treat every sales call as an experiment with which you can learn.
  • Learn to enjoy the process.But do not treat it like a consultation call. Don’t give away everything.
  • Your sales call will work only when you have selected your niche chosen properly. You also need a clear positioning in the market.
  • Practice in front of a mirror if required. 
  • Public speaking helps in getting better at sales.
  • These 1to1 calls will give you a better idea about what people want in to the market. You can fine tune your product based on it.
  • Use the Calendly app to get people to schedule a call with you. Never call people randomly because you have their numbers.

Automatic Sales:

  • You can automate your sales using sales pages and sales videos
  • You will not be able to put in the right content if you have not made at least 500 sales
  • Once you have found a list of common objections , you can include it in your sales video and sales page. And you can have live chat support.
  • I do not recommend completely automating the sales process because during the live sales webinar, the conversions are high.

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