November 4, 2022

How to Promote Coaching Business In The Digital Age

Digital Marketing for Life Coaches

To become a life coach is not a big deal for life coaches because  the knowledge and experience which have gained to become a life coach is tremendous but to scale the business is a little bit of a challenge for life coaches. Viz. to become a trainer of thousands of people at a time in a program. Coaches may not know how to use digital marketing to reach a larger audience in limited investments. So in this blog I am going to share some tips and tricks on Digital Marketing for coaches.It will help coaches; how to market yourself and you become a mentor for thousands of people. 

Why is Digital marketing required for coaches?

If a coach has just started or  established a coaching business but  wants to target more audiences then go online and use the right kind of digital marketing methods to attract them in an effective way. Digital marketing is the only way to improve your own personal online brand or yourself very effectively. 

Know your audience:

Find the target audience and segregate it by various categories. To be specific,it means women or children. May be different, different professionals etc. In digital marketing it’s easy to find an expected audiance.

Finding a target audience is one of the most important parts of Digital Marketing IF you want to be specific for any particular type of audience like children, professionals, women, men, etc. Digital Marketing will help you to reach out to your targeted audience.

What finding correct audience is important ?

If we come to know that well in advanced targeted audience then cost i.e.investment and efforts will be saved 

How to find a targeted audience ?

  • Ask yourself i.e. who will buy my services and 
  • If you are still confused then do benchmarking analysis ; you will come to know that for the services which you have; and who is selling ? how they are selling etc. How others are generating leads. And then you will come to know that as per your services who will be your audience.

Digital asset requirement in coaching business: 

Some of the digital assets can be developed by your IT or Digital Marketing teams and some of them may be outsourced. Some assets don’t even have options as well. You have to use it as it is i.e. as per the protocols defined by them for example social media. You can outsource funnels for your leads or you may develop your own website and landing page etc. 

Having your own website:

The website will define who you are and what you are offering to the audience. In today’s era websites are a must to reach more customers. If you want anybody from any country; he should know about you then online is the one of the best mediums and in online- website is the best way to reach him. If you have a proper dynamic website then you will get customers from any corners of the world. So still if you don’t have a website then the first step to come in the online world coaches should have a website with a landing page. 

Some of the important  factors  must to in coaches website: 

  1. Proper Header and Footer with CTA
  2. Testimonials about your various programs
  3. Information on the website should be very much clear and precise so that your customer will understand very well and will make a decision to join your course. 
  4.  Personal branding to be done on the website so that customers will have confidence that they are investing on the right course and coach.
  5. The website should provide a payment gateway to purchase tickets for the webinar or course which you are selling.
  6. Social media icons with updated links must be connected to your website. 

So these are some of the key factors which will improve your branding through the website.

Use the right kind of digital platforms viz. Social media, podcasts, Blogs, Yoytubes, Forums to generate quality leads through websites. 

Social Media:

Nowadays millions of people are using social media platforms. Almost everyone is using social media platforms. The only thing is that people use social media according to their choice. SOme of the people you will get on Facebook, some will be on Instagram and others on Twitter or even on LinkedIn as well etc. Coaches should know the strategies about reaching the audiences through social media. 

All the social media platforms may not work for coaches because the customers treat every social media platform differently.

So tips to engage audience on social media

  • Use social media and defined interval
  • Try to engage audiences with comment and likes etc
  • Focus on development of creative content
  • Always check the analytics to do measurements for ongoing social media assignments execution.

If your targeted audience (TG) is professional or corporate then LinkedIn is the good platform for you to connect with your audiance.


If we see today’s scenario, many of the people are busy with multiple work at times so podcasts are also one of the best digital platforms to connect the people and share your thoughts with them as lead manager. Make sure to be present on podcast platforms as well after every defined interval.

You can talk related to your niche like life wellness, Leadership/Self development etc.


Publish blogs regularly on your official sites as well as blog platforms so whenever your customers are looking for such relevant information . they will be happy to get this knowledge. Indirectly it will increase your brand visibility and your audience trust.

Whenever writing a blog of specific topics don’t forget to add specific keywords related to your blog title so that blog will get more visibility and brand will get more strengthened.


People always wanted to consume more content to make life better. It means that people are moreover busy on youTube to get relevant content. So create short or long videos related to your niche and share it on YouTube. And try to drive the traffic on your landing page so that people will come to know more about your services to make their life more happier. 

In Between you may do paid promotion of your videos as well to reach demographics audiences to get more quality leads. 

Email Campaigns:

Coaches can run email campaigns with defined professional stakeholders to be aware about their new programs or updates in the past programs. 

If coaches run at least 06 email campaigns with generated leads or research leads then leads can be converted into expected results.


Apart from social media people wanted answers of heir questions in short or some times on paragraphs as well so try to share answers of your niche on forum platforms. Quora is one the best in today’s generic digital era.

Apart from Quora find some additional life coaching forums and start helping to the people when they are looking for solutions from coaches like you. Definitely they will reach out to you if they like your short solutions.

Conduct free webinar:

“Free” this word has a really unique type of magic. When you will conduct a free webinar for life coaching more people will want to join. You have to design your webinar very smartly.

Even you may arrange a Rs 99 or rs 199 type of webinars so that more number of people will join to gain the knowledge and if they wanted to upgrade themselves then they may join your advanced programs.

Tips to make your free webinar most conservative:

  1. Give value as much as you can on any topic.
  2. Suggest to purchase your product where they will get full knowledge
  3. Give an extra discount to early action taker
  4. Show relevant testimonials or invite them to live if possible.


Collaboration with others is really the best way to grow your network. You can collaborate with your niche-related people and share each other’s content and you can go live together. This type of activity will help to know each other’s audience.

Benefits of Collaborations with others:

  • It’s a win-win situation
  • It brings people closer together
  • It helps people learn from each other

Email Campaigns::

Run email campaigns to defined audiences, Leads may be generate via social media or may be via research team as well. If you run minimum 06 email campaigns then generated leads can be nurtured and will be converted in to your expected audiances.

Use Paid Marketing:

When you have websites and you are regularly active on social media it’s time to let people know about you using paid ads like AdWords, LinkedIn ads and Facebook ads will be the best option for life coaches. Using paid media, it will help you to get a quick response and it will increase your brand visibility.

Make your customer delight:

When your marketing is going well and you can convert your leads, the next step will be to convert your customers into delight customers.

Who is Delight’s customer?

When someone is using your services or product and he/she is happy with your service/product, still you have to provide the relevant help and let them be a fan of you. When your customer is referring your services to others and continues using your product it means he/she is in delight.


I hope you get an idea of how you can implement digital marketing for life coaches. And if you are still confused that all things work and if you want proper hand holding or training you can talk to a trial class of Vitthal Jagtap (a Digital Marketer, Business Coach, and Mentor).

If you want to grow your business or personal brand fast you must have a mentor to guide you. It’s the same as people must have a Life Mentor to make life smooth, fast, successful, and happy.

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