October 8, 2022

Best 07 tips for Digital Marketing of Dental Clinics


Dear Dentist,

Have you already started your dental clinic or you have just opened your dental clinic? Are you looking to utilize digital marketing services to kick off to improve your brand of the clinic and increase the elads?

It turns out that digital marketing for dental clinics is not fundamentally different from other kinds of online marketing.

It involves researching local prospective clients, understanding their wants and needs, performing search-engine optimization (SEO), and reaching out to clients in a fast and efficient manner.

However, there are a few key points on digital marketing for dental clinics to keep in mind. 

Digital Marketing for Dental Clinics
  1. Local SEO: 

Local SEO means optimizing your official website/Landing page, social media ads or online paid ads and appealing to your prospective  patents / customers via defined keywords. Local SEO is the major support system for any dental clinic in digital marketing services.  Because in the end most of the people prefer nearby clinics for their health. It’s not like that all the dental clinics are offering the same tools and techniques,  some of the clinics(your) may offer different tools and techniques so that patients’ health will recover very fast without pain. 

Most of the clients really don’t know you are the one who specializes in high-tech sterilization methods or best in root canal procedure. Instead most of the clients want the clinic to be neighborhood; that will treat them like family with care. So if you create  loacan brand very well then people will start to trust on your clinic 

2.Business Directories, Listings and Maps:

This is also related to local SEO, Make sure clinics should be listed in Google my business and google map.

Nowadays;  77 % of the travelers/  people who have smartphones use google maps for finding locations. There are some other online directories also available to find locations, so ; there also clinic should also be listed.  Even you can embed automatically updated your clinic location map on your website so that it will be an advantage when people visit contact page of the website; on website itself people will come to know that about location as well as traveling directions etc. 

3. Organic Social media

Organic social media means the media which gives services with paid advertising as well . These latforms offer some free features to the costumes who can afford paid campaigns in the initial phase of their business or even via social media if the content is really strong and expectations are less than its also one the good media to establish a brand into the market. You may use  media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc for organic varios campaigns of your clinic to improve the brand in the market.

Organic Social Media

Creating Facebook and page, Accounts on Instagram, LinkedIn and twitter etc., then posting by defined frequency , updating status, sharing post on story or by reels etc. so that the people who are connected to you are the people who are following you they will come to know about your products and services. So all are these organic social media platforms. Even your Facebook page can also show your address. 

Example: Please check the following sample image

We may call it also to play the role of local SEO. Organic social media is crucial for digital world-of-mouth advertising. Nowadays 60% of the people read reviews before visiting in person. If professional clients give good reviews about your clinic then your clinic will appear reliable and professional. 

So even developing your professional website; create your social media page snad start asking your friends and family to follow your pages. Start small, and slowly build your social media presence. 

4. Paid Social media:

In today’s digital era; paid social media marketing also plays a vital role to reach more people; to segregate the people even if you mafine the location’ you add the locations. You can run paid ad campaigns from any location of the world. We should have the right kind of keywords to whom we are targettings via for example Google ads. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media platforms sell ads on their media platforms. 

Twitter offers short-form ads, Instagram does display ads (see below for more on that), YouTube focuses on quick video ads, etc. As for Facebook and LinkedIn, they do it all.

For a small- or medium-sized dental clinic, PPC(Pay Per Click) ads are probably the most cost-effective form of social media advertising. 

5. Display , Video based and short-form ads  Advertising:

Display ads are simply ads in visual form. They usually comprise of an eye-catching picture, a brief catchphrase, and a call-to-action.

Video ads are like 30 sec, 90 sec or even 10 min plus as well. Short video ads are more famous on any media platform.

In digital marketing of clinic; display advertising works really very well. You can use your staff photos, infrastructure images of your clinic to increase the trust of your patients. In the end trust is a very important factor for any clinic. 

6. PPC advertising 

Pay-Per-Click ads are a really great and highly cost effective way to generate new leads and do branding of your clinic.

Most of the traditional ads method they charge by views /Impressions etc. and in PPC it will be charged by when actual human clicks on your ad. Then accordingly it will get paid. 

There are of great benefits of PPC::

  1. You pay only for results i.e. clicks. Ni minimum fees required. And you can spend a small amount or as much as you want on your PPC. If ads don’t work the risk is very less. 
  2. Free of cost branding will happen through PPC. While you are paying for clicks, impressions are free of cost. Via this your dental clinic will get free publicity on social media platforms. 

7. Email automation and marketing 

Email marketing is one of the true and result oriented digital marketing services. Even with all so many online digital marketing platforms and cutting edge analytics apps out there, emails are still great tools for digital marketing in dental clinics. 
  1. Always take consent before emailing patients. Ask them to sign up for your newsletter  after appointments. Or even give them a free pfd or special offer, etc. At the end trust should happen to all your IPD or OPD patients. Don’t be aggressive in email marketing. 
  2. Try to make them personalize ; always maintain its should be short and beautiful to get their attention towards your contents to generate trust in your clinic.
  3. Avoid chief words like. Save, free or incredible deals etc. there is chance like email will land in SPAM or Pramotion  

You can automate Email campaigns via mailchimp/ Active campaign or ConvertKit. These services will help you to maintain an email list, run email campaigns and these will provide some free templates to make your dental clinics email campaign look super professional.


As you can see, effective digital marketing for dental clinics isn’t difficult. However, it needs to be done with precision.

If you’re still a bit unsure or just don’t have the time to devote to marketing, consider hiring a digital marketing agency!

Avis Pixel is a professional digital marketing firm with a full slate of digital marketing services. We’re happy to help with every stage of the marketing process.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing for Dentists

  • Get more leads and conversions through PPC campaigns
  • Drive more traffic to your site or on the landing page.
  • Increase brand awareness through social media presence
  • Increase leads through social media advertising
  • Improved engagement rates with current patients and prospective patients

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