April 23, 2022

Six Useful Tips From Experts on “Marketing Of Academy(JEE/Medical)”

(It’s a text interview on Marketing of JEE/ Medical academy)

Manoj : Hi Vitthal, Good Moring.

Vitthal : Good Morning,  Namaste.

A text based interview on how to increase enrollments in academy

Manoj: In today’s discussion we will talk about how to do a digital marketing Academy (JEE/ Medical to get potential candidates. As you have great experience in the same, so its pleasure for us to listen to you on thesis topics. 

Vitthal : Okay

Manoj: First question- How to use social media to generate leads?

Vitthal : Nowadays the students whose age is in between , 15 to 19 Years are using smartphones for minimum 6 to 8 hrs. per day. And most probably they are busy on Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. so targeting them is very much easy. Even the same students are busy on various YouTube channels of short videos or Songs/ Movies etc. So by organic campaigns or paid campaigns we may target them and we can share the academy’s USP’s to them. If they like it, they may click on ads and will be transferred to the landing page and then they will share their information . Now cold lead has been generated. By the right kind of follow up system this generated leads may get converted.

Manoj: True ; This age group students have smartphones and they are using this social media platform. Even though the students are preparing for Medical they also use Quora for study purposes as well as getting insights about the admission process/ College information etc.

Vitthal: absolutely right.

Mnaoj: Vitthal, Does Email marketing automation is required to generate the leads ?

Manoj Sir: if we talk about students lead generation then there is a chance like it may not be. Sometimes it works, especially the students whose academic records are good. They use emails, they check email regularly. But if we talk about all the students ; i don’t think they may be checking their emails regularly. But it’s required for the people who make the decision about students’ careers such as their Teachers, Principles, Educated relatives who use email regularly etc.

If we try email campaigns to them ; If they check an email ; and if the academy sends and regular emails about important insights automatically they will love to open and read the email and at some intervals ; Academy may send their landing page or promotions details to the same emails; so leads may get generated.

Manoj: Right ; The points which you have mentioned about decision takers; it really works. 

Vitthal; Next question: Is a website required for an academy?

Vitthal: Yes; a website is required and it plays a very important role in the same. 

On the website Academy can publish Academic, Facilities, test, Faculty, Testimonials , achievements etc. Sometimes the website itself acts as a landing page. Websites should be responsive.  Also websites may include Ai based Chatbot. 

Manoj: Absolutely right.

Manoj: One more similar question, Does landing page is required?

Vitthal: Yes , It’s required. Sometimes a website may act as a landing page but it’s better if the separate landing page is their own website or separate landing page. Some time under academia there are multiple products available; if we have separate landing pages for all the services/ Products then it’s quite good to have separate landing pages and it’s good to show precise information to the targeted audience. 

Manoj: Vitthal , is a paid campaign required ?

Vitthal: Yes , Paid campaign is required on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram , LinkedIn, Twitter as google ads are required. Via paid campaigns we reach a larger demographic audience. Also, we can fulfill our expectations via paid ads to target the right kind of audiences.

Manoj: Is there any limits to do investment on paid ad campaigns?

Vitthal: No limits to investment. But initially do less investment and find the right kind of audiences in defined demographics and later on accordingly increase the investment to target more audience. 

Manoj: Thank you very much..

Vitthal: Welcome sir. I hope this information will be useful for the marketing of the Science academy.

Manoj: Yes , I am sure it will be useful for them. Take care.

(End of the text interview)

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