July 14, 2022

06 Psychological hacks to influence the people in sale 

If you know how to sell, you will find your treasure. 

  1. Reciprocity:
  • Humans have been trained to reciprocate ts as a way to strengthen community bonds for millions of years. 
  • If you give a gift, then I feel obligated to give you back something.
  • This is true in family circles and how gift arounds. 
  • When online marketers publish free contents and give away courses and ebooks -Its way to trigger reciprocity.
  • Hare Krishna devotees have seen higher responses with donation requests in airports by giving a rose to random passengers. 
  • A gift increases the sense of trust and then the transaction can happen easily without friction.
  • Give and take (don’t give and take and take).
  1. Scarcity:
  • The value of anything that is low in supply will be higher 
  • When time is limited in supply, The value of each minute is higher
  • When water is low in supply , each drop of water is valuable.
  • Scarcity technique can also be used in unethical ways, But it is very effective when used ethically as well. 
  • If we say enrollments are closing soon; then a rush will happen and they will show more interest. . 
  • Almost all the ecommerce stores show units remaining to encourage the sales.
  • Scarcity can be in the form of time and supply
  • Example: last day to enroll is effective or only 05 seats remaining is also effective. 
  1. Authority:
  • When someone who is in a position of authority is saying something to us , we are influenced easily by them.
  • When we do not know something well, we trust other people who know things better than us. The power of influence comes from authority.
  • If other authorities influence us, we can influence others as an authority ourselves. 
  • Indicators of authority: Graduation, Certification, prizes, Projects, Recognition in the industry, Published Book,Invitation to talk on certain platforms.
  1. Commitment and consistency:
  • People are more likely to stick to something if they commit to it.
  • People like to be consistent with their decision because a change in decision is difficult and “ Known devils are better than unknown angels” 
  • If someone has a good experience with a Rs 500 Product he will trust the brand more and will be comfortable buying a Rs 10000 product.
  • Trust and familiarity makes conversion easy.
  • Getting an opportunity to showcase value at low cost is so valuable that people spend rs 1000 or more to acquire a customer for Rs 500 
  • Funnel price points go from free to premium. Because you can get people stuck to something and be comfortable using it. (Ex. Aheref WDT )
  1. Social Proof:
  • We don’t want to do in-depth research ourselves with every buying decision – It would be very time consuming.
  • Instead we want to learn from others mistakes
  • If someone brought a product and they are not happy with it, We will stay away from the same brand.
  • Apart from trusting the friends recommandations, we also look at the ratings, Reviews and testimonials online.
  • If you have a product with top notch reviews , it is always easier to sell the product than when you are new. Socialproff is a powerful ally for conversion.
  1. Liking:
  • Human beings are social animals
  • We want to be liked by each other and we want to belong in a community or tribe.
  • The decision making of individuals is impacted by their belonging to a tribe. When all things are equal, Human beings like to do business with people they like, admire, can relate to and get inspired from.
  • When you are building a personal brand, You do not have a business, You are a business.
  • As a personal brand, You do not need to be capital, Because you are the capital 
  • Your sales depend on you,. You need to be a charismatic, Energetic, and friendly person. 
  • Being down to earth helps more than being fancy and unreachable. People Should look up to you but shouldn’t feel disconnected from you. 
  • You need to be inspiring not hated. 

Meeting People in real life ; Even if it is a small group , it improves the brand image.

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