July 8, 2022

04 Tips for a Better Deep Marketing

Deep Marketing is the future of Marketing 

The Arts and Science of Converting Customer:

The biggest challenge in the businesses is getting clients and that’s the opportunity for business

If you work at the largest companies in the world they help other companies to do business to get customers. Driving traffic on a website doesn’t mean business comes. Driving traffic is the first step of business. Convert traffic into leads, nurture the leads and convert it into business.

Traffic can be driven only when you create content. So content comes first.

Once you have content then you may drive traffic through social media, Google Ads, SEO, Quora, etc. 

  1. Converting leads into customers: 

You need to convert cold lead into warm lead and this is the process of building trust. When you trust on you; transaction will happen. 

The purpose of advertising is to get attention. The purpose of marketing is to build trust. And the purpose of sales is to transaction

Deep marketing automation is all about building trust at scale using a personalized and a automated series of messages. 

The Framework of attracting customers, Building a community, and Building a brand:

Once the content is ready; do deep marketing and get natural sales.

Most businesses assume that they just need to create a product or service and then the customers come to them. 

They spend years trying to perfect a product without going into the market

A good marketing funnel first acquires the customers and then creates a product that perfectly fits the need.

A marketing funnel is a mechanism to get attention, build trust, and encourage the transaction , automatically. At scale. 

Once a good product -Market fit is achieved , everything else can be automated. 

Why do most of the Marketing funnels not work ?

Many marketers have felt the frustration of the marketing funnels not working properly. Most marketing funnels do not work and some have even said that “Funnels are dead”

One of the major reasons is  there is no personalization. Without personalization we can’t make funnels effective. 

Deep marketing is not the same as drip marketing. Drip marketing is all about creating a marketing sequence. 

Deep Marketing BluePrint:

Evolution of sales:

Sales have existed before advertising and marketing were born. It may have been born 500 years ago. Marketing is called marketing because early age  items were sold in the marketplace. Items were sold in bulk only when the market squares started happening as people started living in villages and in large groups.

Sales were usually done 1:1 and no one dreamed about selling at scale. Marketing and advertising was born when publication was born. Publications were born after the invention of the printing press in the 17th century by Gutenberg. For the first time ever , a sale message could be circulated to a large number of readers. They called it “Salesmanship in print”. Because for the first time , the sales messages can be replicated and distributed using print. The term copywriting was born. The ad was “Copied “across multiple prints.

2. The art and  Science of selling:

Most of the sales people in most of the organization are not trained in the sales methodologies. Many of the people think contacting the leads and persuading them to buy the product or service. 

Sales involves understanding the prospect’s needs, Pain points, desires and then presenting the products as the bridge between their current state and their desired state. To establish the current state and desired state, one needs to ask a certain set of questions in a specific order – and the product has to be presented in a specific way.

3. Marketing automation tools:

  • Email MArketing Tool (ConvertKit, Active campaign)
  • Data collection Tool ( Google analytics, Facebook Pixel)
  • Data Capture Tool (Type form)
  • Integration Tool (Zapier)
  • SMs  Tools (SMS horizon )
  • Call automation Tool(Obliger)
  • Website messaging ( Intercom)
  • Landing Page Personalization( RightMessage)
  • Mobile Messaging (Telegram, whatsapp)

Marketing automation helps in lead scoring: 

Though marketing automation helps in nurturing the leads i.e. warm in to hot and it doesn’t do selling itself. (Especially when the cost of product or service is high).

When you have a lot of leads, finding out the most serious leads from the junk leads can not be done without marketing automation.

Many CRM tools will help you score the leads based on the lead activity within the funnel. For example you can give 01 point for every email open and 03 points for every link click. 

The higher the score of a lead, the more engaged they are and better the chances that they will convert it into a buyer if the sales team engages with them.

4. The Importance of Personal Branding for Deep Marketing:

A logo or company can not do sales. Sales are always done by humans.

When marketing and advertising become popular ; it lost the human touch.

Elon Musk is the brand behind Tesla and SpaceX. Jeff Bezos  is the brand behind Amazon. Steve jobs was the brand behind the Apple. 

General Motors, Nokia, and BlackBerry are failing because there is no personal brand behind them to give them accountability and responsibility. 

Peroneal branding in deep marketing is very important to create the brand of your services or products.

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