June 23, 2022

04 supreme in Quality Lead Generation

How to Get More Results in Lead Generation

Do you know? What is the lead?

Are you facing problems generating leads?

Then give 10 min to read this article; you in will understand lead generation as well as how to close the leads.


Lead is nothing but the contact details of potential customers who might become your paying customer. Contact details are like Name, Email Id, Phone number, etc. Leads can be categorized as WARM lead, Cold Lead, and HOT leads. Cold leads are the leads who may be interested but not sure about your services or products. Warm leads are interested in your products but have not decided on the final conversion. Hot leads are interested in services and there is an opportunity to be future customers.

Image1. Lead Generation
Followers are leads?

Social media followers are not leads. Do not invest money in finding social media followers. Paid social media is the best option for getting the right kind of leads. Boost social media activity through email lists. Always have a focus on lead generation. Leads may be B2B or B2C. Lead generation strategy depends on your target market. If your product is high-end B2C, then you require marketing to generate the leads and sales to close the leads. Automation would be used to nurture the lead to close it. In Low-end B2C; a sales team is not required. It’s better to close the same lead by the marketing team.

The ethics of lead generation:
  • For B2c Leads, Always generate leads through advertising.
  • Send email via official email ID only; don’t use email marketing services 
  • Do not scrape emails from sources. Don’t download or buy email IDs. 
  • Never get emails from sources and try to send bulk emails without consent. 
  • Do not send emails to leads once they have opted out from your emails. 
  • Keep your email sending email reputation high

Probability Theory and statistics :

  • Probability theory is important for lead generation, business, and life
  • The Law of large numbers is at the heart of digital marketing because you need to predict the future conversation based on present traffic numbers.
  • You can expect a 1.8% to 2.2 % conversation ratio. It means if you get 1000 Leads then there should be at least 20 paying customers. 
  • Do not get emotional with lead generation. Do not do the emotional estimation. Always be logical. Wait for the results and then scale up.

B2B Lead Generation:

  • B2B leads can be generated via a landing page. But it’s better to do it manually in the initial phase. It’s always good to have personal interactions and then leads may be generated really very well.
  • You can reach out to some people and then it’s better to invest in marketing and think about lead automation.

Tools and methods for B2B lead generation:

  • The first step to initiate the prospects is research and guess about the leads
  • In the second step try to get contact or communication details for the meeting 
  • Contact us page of official blog or website, Twitter, LinkedIn is always better to connect with or find contact details. But don’t depend on such platforms; because sometimes it’s difficult to get the expected contact details.
  • snov.io chrome plugin will help you to get the email id of people on LinkedIn
  • Findthatlead.com and lush.co are lead generation tools you can check out as well. Once you have an email id you match, reach out for the same.
  • You can semi-automate the email sending automation by using tools like Mailchimp
  • Advertising will bring leads, Marketing automation converts the leads into categories of the lead based on the lead score and quality of the same. Such leads can be engaged in sales via webinars, personal meetings, Sales calls, sales pages, etc.

CATT Model: Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction 

Image2. CATT Model for Lead Generation

To attract your customer-only website is not enough. You should have a contact us page and then customers will contact you directly. 

Most of the consumers are busy, You have social media, email, Notification, Etc. So consumers can’t give you contact details directly via your website. That’s the reason Lead Magnet is more useful. Once your content is ready then drive the attention to the lead magnet. Via lead magnet, you will get the right contact details of the customer. You can drive attention via SEO, Ads, Social Media, etc.

If you collect leads then you have to create a lead magnet. Suppose if you get 1000 leads under a lead magnet. Let’s assume 10% conversion for getting quality leads. You convert these cold leads into warm leads and then later on into paying customers. To convert them into paying customers via Drip marketing and Retargeting i.e. Trust. Once you do this; you will lead these leads into actual sales and conversion i.e. Transaction.

1. Content: Lead Magnet 

Content is the starting point of attention. Let see examples of traditional marketing Such as newspapers, TV, and magazines.

Why do we read magazines, why do we watch TV? It’s just because of content only.in newspapers there is content and then ads, In TV there is content and then ads, and even in magazines as well there is content and then ads. So ads don’t come directly. Content comes first. It doesn’t mean we pay directly; we pay for content initially. means we pay attention to our content and later on, we get details. You should have blogs to drive their attention and then you should have a lead magnet to get their contact details.

You should have string content on blogs, YouTubes, etc. A lead magnet is delivered via a popup on the website(Which will attract traffic). Then they will share their name, email ID and their expectations, etc. While running viral ads or paid ads. A lead magnet is delivered via a landing page. The landing page should have only one call of action to get the contact details. 

Lead Magnet Idea1:
  • Different forms and shapes of content can be a lead magnet
  • White papers, E-Books, Short Courses, Webinars are mostly used as a lead magnet 
  • Membership of a group or club is also a lead magnet 
  • Application form, tools, and free reports can create more high quality leads with much more information than just name and email id
  • Hubspot generated 2 MN leads via their grader.com tool. This tool is used to check the performance of websites. Once we start to check the performance of our website we share our ID and that’s the leads for HubSpot.
  • Leads can be generated via free mobile apps as well. 
Lead Magnet Idea2:
  • A good converting landing page is an asset for a long time. Good design, Visual representation of the lead magnet, Testimonials from existing customers, Clear Message will help a lot.
  • The landing page title page can be customized according to the traffic source.
  • The higher the number of the lead led magnets, the More the lead you generate via various sources.
  • Lesser the data on the landing page generate more quality leads.
  • Blogs are not a lead generation mechanism; they are just attraction mechanisms for your websites or landing page.
  • Infographics, Videos, Tools and apps, podcasts may directly generate the leads.
Landing Page Tools and Optim Tools:
  • Thrive Architect
  • Elements
  • FastPages.io
  • instPages.io
  • Unbounce.com
  • Leadpages.com
  • OptinChat.com
  • OptinMoster.com

If you use various tools for landing pages then your conversion from visitors to subscribers will be 3x.

2. Attention: Driving traffic to your content 

Attention is very important. Once your lead magnet is ready. It will not become popular by itself. Via organic and paid methods you will drive attention to your content. the organic method includes publishing blogs and driving traffic. Via social media channels as well we may divert traffic to your blog. Paid methods include paid ads via Facebook as well as Google ads. Ads are the best source for increasing traffic on lead magnets. You may consider quora and LinkedIn ads as well to improve traffic on lead magnets. Publishing Books, Apply, tools, and press releases also improve traffic. But drive the traffic on your blog instead of the landing page. A landing page is not the best place to drive the traffic. Your blog home page should be a landing page for a generic lead magnet. 

image3: Content blueprint

Whenever you are trying for your own properties i.e. your own blog or landing page,  Try to drive traffic via eBooks, Apps, Guest Posts, Social Media, Search Engines, Live events, PR, etc.  When it comes to social media or search methods it may be organic or paid. Everything should be directed to your email list. Because at the end building a tribe is most important. Via email, you sell products as well as services. The primary purpose of a blog is to generate leads. You May try affiliate programs with 50 % commission or even with 100% commission as well to generate cold leads.

3. Trust: Nurturing the leads

Whenever you are generating leads; most of the leads are cold leads. You need to convert the cold leads into warm leads before they buy services or products from your end. Middle of the funnel; content will help to nurture the lead and trust in services that you are providing to buyers. The best way to engage and trust in you is via automation. A drip marketing sequence with the follow-up messages on a consistent basis is the best way to engage your leads. Trust is developed via a series of conversations and getting to know someone for a long time. Your drip marketing sequence is the flywheel for your marketing which stores the communication.

Marketing Automation- Advanced Drip Marketing:

When you want to take drip marketing to the next level then you need to use marketing automation. To do marketing effectively, you need to get more details from the leads. As many details apart from contact details are known as lead profiling. With marketing automation, you can score the leads based on your activity within your funnel and use it for sales accordingly. If one of your leads is very much active then give more scores to your lead. Marketing automation involves regular follow-up with specified targeted ads as well as lead enters in your funnel. Deep marketing is used for personal and customized messages to your leads at scale. The customized messages help to build affinity and trust. Affinity and trust will be built only when information about personal level details. 

Deep Marketing and Automation tools:
  • ConverterKit
  • Activecampaign
  • GetResponce
  • Aweber
  • MailChimp
  • MailerLite
  • SendInBlue
  • EmailOctopus
  • SendFox

4. Transaction: Enabling the sales

A good sales pitch with good conversations is not just about a sales pitch. Lead quality and warmness of the lead is a huge factor when it comes to final conversion. Sales can be made via personal meetings, sales calls, Webinars, or sales pages. Sales can not happen without lead nurturing and nurturing can not happen without leads. Lead can not be generated without lead magnet(Content) and traffic driven to the connect i.e. Attention. CATT framework is very important for creating the content, Attention towards the content i.e. lead magnet and developing trust towards the services or products, and most important enabling the sales and conversion i.e. transaction.

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