June 14, 2022

04 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Facebook Campaign

Why Facebook ads?

Fb has 2.45 BN users and 20 % of the global population. From India, only 290 MN users registered on Facebook.USA has 19 MN, Indonesia has 140 MN and Brazil has 130 MN users. 80% of users use Fb and Instagram. FB has most of the information of users. 

Image1. Facebook ad

FB ads are the cheapest form of advertising online. It’s easy to track the investment as ROI. Retargeting is one of the major features of FB.

How Facebook ads are different from Google ads.

We need to take both platforms seriously. It’s not like FB vs Google ads. And even we can’t say that FB ads are better than google ads or Google ads are better than FB Ads. Both networks have good reach on the internet. Google ads help customers to find you and FB ads help you to find new customers. Google is an inbound advertising medium and Facebook is an outbound advertisement medium. Google gets 3.5 MN searches per day and 40000 search queries per second. 

Image2. Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Both FB ads and Google Ads focus on quality and user experience delivered by advertisers. Google search ads are inbound ads. It is aligned with SEO and FB ads are outbound ads. It’s aligned with social media. Fb ads are considered as “Paid Social”. Google ads are text-based. FB ads are Visual with Images, Videos based on likes, comments, and share features. With Google ads, “ Who are they” doesn’t matter because either intent is very clearly established with the search query. Audiences are most important for Facebook. Targeting is everything, Via Google ads targeting is done via keywords. 

01. Understanding of Facebook Audiences and pixel

Target audiences are the most important part of Facebook ads. If you get the right target audiences your ads will perform really well even if your ad copy is not great. because the right audiences are seeing it. The greatest ad copy may fail if it’s shown to the wrong target audience.

There are three types of audiences: 

  1. Saved Audiences
  2. Custom Audiences
  3. LookLike Audiences 

A saved audience: is a basic type of audience set on Facebook. In the initial brand new ads, you should initiate with saved audiences.

When you create the first campaign; you will create it based on demographics (Age Group, Gender, Location) and based on psychographics (Interests and Desires). This type of audience has limited scope because the targeting is not very accurate.

Custom Audience: is related to your business. It uses website traffic, app user, and customer list.

LookLike Audience: Where you develop an audience who “likes” your audience. This is the most powerful type of audience. 

Creating custom conversions:

You have to create the experiment ads. Get a few clicks and conversions to understand how paid ads work. You will get excited when you start to run the ads. Paid ads scale fast. That is the only way to grow your digital marketing. Organic can scale alone. organic+Paid can be a good combination.

You need a Facebook personal account to create an ad. You will get access to Facebook ad Manager. You can create a business Facebook ad account at business.facebook.com

02. Understanding the Facebook Pixel:

Facebook pixel is a code that will be deployed on all the pages of your website. Instead of having separate codes for conversion and analytics, The Facebook pixel is one code that serves all the purposes.

Image3: Facebook Pixel

It tracks the traffic, creates custom audiences, also will help you with custom conversion. Using the Facebook Pixel you can create lookalike audiences, Custom conversions. Lookalike audiences perform better if FB pixel has served 1000 times. 

Custom Conversion:

Custom conversations based on the Facebook pixel. Without the pixel, you can not create custom conversions.

Image4. Custom Conversion

Custom conversions are important for running optimized ads. Custom conversions can be used for generating leads and sales.It helps facebook track what happens beyond the click that is being sent to the landing page.

With the combination of custom conversions and a look like/Custom audience, you can drive test results for your campaign. 

03. High converting Ad Copies:

After getting the target audience right; The most important thing with Facebook ads is the ad copyright. Many people create ads that look like ads. And generally, people do not like ads.

Create an ad copy that looks like a Facebook post. When you write an ad copy That looks like a Facebook update post from you. People will pay attention. Write short sentences and talk directly. Narrate a story. Your goal is to retain the attention of your users while they are being bombarded with 1000 + notifications from their Facebook account. 

Facebook Ad Images: 

Facebook is a very visual medium. A good image can give a good CTR. The same ad can have multiple images and you can test which ad gives the best performance. When you set up a Facebook ad; keep in mind to publish the same ad on Instagram as well. Instagram is more visual than Facebook.

Facebook Ads: My Self-Publishing Experience | BookBaby Blog
Image5. Facebook Ad Images Example

You may use stock images within the Facebook library when you are starting to run an ad. When you are getting serious with a higher budget, use custom-designed images for your ad. Get a design for your ad. 

04. Creating landing pages for that convert well:

When you run Facebook ads, Do not drive the traffic to a page where you have a corporate website or generic e-Commerce store.

Never run an ad campaign to the home page of a website. The conversion rate will be very less. Because there are too many links and no single proper call to action. Landing pages always focus on a specific action. The best kind of landing pages to use with Facebook are lead pages and sales pages. For brand new audiences always use lead pages so that you can capture people’s email id and build your own list and tribe.

Facebook ads for affiliate Marketing 

You can promote affiliate products on Facebook but you cannot promote affiliate links directly. As a general rule, you can not share affiliate links on social channels. The best way to promote your product is to write reviews of products on your blog and drive traffic to your blog. Create a follow-up sequence and nurture your list. build trust and create a tribe. Once you have a tribe; engage them with expected content and then recommend affiliate products to them. 

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