June 21, 2022

04 Google Ads Hacks You Need to Know Now

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

Google ads and The power of search:

People do not go to google to waste time. Like FB or Instagram. Conversion is low in Fb or Instagram but conversion in google is high. People search on google. People are searching on google when they want it. Facebook is image based  media platform but google is text based media. its more like classified listing. So via google ad you will get an opportunity to reach people who are looking for your services or products. If people are looking for you, conversion is good in google ads. Google gets 3.5 MN search queries per day. You are looking for your customer halfway. Via google you are looking for them and they are looking for you.

Image1: Power of Google Search

Via google Ads conversions are higher as well lead quality is also higher. The intent is clear so demographic and interest doesn’t matter. 

Every google ad campaign is an asset ; it matures and becomes more efficient over a time. Google ads can give you ideas for keywords to use for SEO and Content. 

1. Getting the most of the traffic from Google:

  • You need a strong funnel to convert the traffic into leads and leads into sales. Once you have a strong funnel, The sales will drive the capital needed for funding the ads. 
  • The funnels need to be like: Visitors> Leads >Sales Page> Buyers
  • Running a conversion optimized ad is very important to make Google Ads work. 
  • Search traffic + Display network can drive a lot of traffic at very low cost. Display and video campaigns can be used to retarget people who are already in the funnel.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. 
  • If you think long term, You will get better ROI. You will get most of the traffic at lowest cost when you run many campaigns at a low daily budget. Once a campaign starts working it will continue for several years. Build assets.

2. Understanding conversions:

  • Creating the right conversion pixels are very important to create highly efficient Google Ads campaign that brings results for long time 
  • Create tracking codes for each stage of your funnel
  • Create audiences from conversions from the tracking codes(Just like Facebook pixel)
  • Set conversions for visitors, leads and for sales
  • You can do all these tracking without Google analytics. 
  • You may use Google Tag Manager to track all the codes.

3. Creating custom Audiences:

  • You create audiences from conversion audiences
  • Use different audiences for stages of the funnel 
  • For the people who have visited by not opted in;You can run ads to get them visit your landing page again
  • For the people who have opted in and seen the sales page, but did not purchase the product you can run the ads to get them to visit the sales page again. 
  • The same custom conversions and audiances  can be used for all types of campaigns. 
  • Having a strong organic SEO and content marketing strategy will help with paid ads

4.Creating your First Google Ad: 

  • Come up with 10 to 15 keywords to search your ad
  • Keywords inside Google search Ads are usually categorized into broad match, exact match and broad match exact modifiers.
  • Start with broad match keywords. You can take keywords from Google keyword planner, Ahrefs, Google Auto suggest or make an educated guess about what you audience is searching for
  • Run the Ads for few days to find out the search terms 
  • Add negative keywords and add more phrase match keywords
  • Expand your search campaigns to the display network 
  • Create more ad group and landing pages for different themes 

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